About 102.1 KPRi

San Diego’s 102.1 KPRi is owned by two guys. That’s it. No big corporation, no Big Brother telling us what to do, and what to play. Just two guys who love radio, Bob Hughes and Jonathan Schwartz…

You know Bob as Robert, who you can hear on KPRI each evening.

Bob and Jonathan 2013

Robert’s first job in radio: “My first experience in radio was as an on-air performer in high school. A buddy of mine had built an illegal AM station in his basement. This guy did a very careful rudimentary frequency search and parked the station on a spot where there was nothing else. People in the neighborhood who could hear us, about six to eight blocks from his house, began to depend on our broadcast. We actually had listeners.

“There was a Chevrolet dealer around the corner from his house, and we would go there and do remotes from the window. People would come by, having heard it on the radio. This was in Altoona, PA. The DJs on the big stations caught on to us and began to slip us promo copies of records, so we had a pretty good library. The commercials at that time came on records, and they’d give us the outdated vinyl records with commercials, which we ran for free.”


How Compass Radio Group and KPRi got started: “Jonathan and I met in DC. I was running U.S. Radio, and he was a banker doing media loans. In the recession following the Gulf War, his bank got taken over by the FDIC because of bad real estate loans. I got fired from the Ragan Henry Companies as they were trying to cut back and do whatever they could to stay in compliance with their loan covenants. We decided we never wanted to be in that situation again, so we made a solemn vow that we were going to be partners and never work for anybody but ourselves for the rest of our lives. That was almost 20 years ago.” ~Bob Hughes

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