Impossible Question April 2014

May 29, 2014

Wednesday, April 30th
A recent survey from Yahoo! Shows that the time the average adult spends doing THIS has gone up about 400% since the 80′s… What is it?
Answer: Being stuck in traffic.

Tuesday, April 29th
According to a survey in Great Britain.. 95% of cell phone owners do this… What?
Answer: Sleep next to their phones.

Monday, April 28th
According to 76% of American Workers… when it comes to work… they say describe themselves as this… what?
Answer: Sleepy

Friday, April 25th
In a recent survey from OKCupid — 10% of couples admit to having arguments over THIS petty issue. What is it?
Answer: Argue over the amount of time in the shower.

Thursday, April 24th
Study’s show that if you want to improve your memory and problem solving abilities… you might want to consider doing this more often… What?
Answer: Laughing.

Wednesday, April 23rd
When it comes to a guy and his car… what kind of car is most likely to turn a woman’s head?
Answer: A practical one. (Think Prius over Porche.)

Tuesday, April 22nd
A recent survey from TV Guide says that 70% of people feel like they could do THIS after seeing it on TV. What is it?
Answer: CPR

Monday, April 21st
When it comes to Technology, 65% of us say we don’t want to use technology for this.. What is it… ?
Answer: Robot care-giving.

Thursday, April 10th
Men answered a survey of what they thought women would answer… “which body part do you think women appreciate the most on a man?”… And the men said what?
Answer: Abs

Wednesday, April 9th
According to a new poll… Men are more likely to equate this with success than women?
Answer: Kids
(86% of men factored children into the definition of success, while 73% of women did ~ Linkedin Poll)

Tuesday, April 8th
85% of women are comfortable being in a relationship with a man who has this? What is it?
Answer: A lower income.

Monday, April 7th
In a recent study… researchers found that when a husband has a high level of THIS ____???____, there’s less conflict in the relationship?
Answer: Positivity

Friday, April 4th
Attention men, if you can’t decide what to wear on a date… you might want to wear this? (Studies show that women are attracted to this) What is it?
Answer: Men in blue.

Thursday, April 3rd
According to a on-line survey… this AIRPORT finished #1 best airport for making a LOVE connection… What airport?
Answer: Philadelphia International Airport.
Did your favorite airport make the list: