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KPRi-FM has an extremely affluent, engaged audience. Using a blend of traditional & new media, we specialize in creating custom campaigns designed to help your business accomplish goals like:

•Generating sales
•Growing retail store and/or website traffic
•Creating critical “top of mind awareness” (making it easier to find your business when using Google or other search engines)
•Lead generation

Listen to what a few longtime KPRi advertisers have to say…

“Because of KPRi, we were able to increase our client list: people that made more than one purchase from us, people that came to see us more than once.” -Ben Zweidel, owner of Diamonds Ltd. GET MORE.

“KPRi, we’ve been using for about the last 10 years, and it has been successful in reaching the part of the market that we need desperately for our business.” -Greg DeFatta, owner of Haunted Hotel Inc. GET MORE.

“The listenership of KPRi are, I would say, the most credit worthy and there’s absolutely no issues for us to arrange financing if needed for the folks that we get in as a result of KPRi.” Ron Houston, General Manager of Pacific Nissan. GET MORE.

“It’s the demographic we’re looking for: it’s an affluent demographic, it’s an audience that can afford solar, it’s an audience that owns homes and the lead flow has been very consistent.” -David Boylan, Marketing Director of Stellar Solar. GET MORE.

“I would say that’s it’s a really good idea to advertise with KPRi. We love working with KPRi, they have been really wonderful partners.”-Nigella Hilgarth, Executive Director of Birch Aquarium at Scripps. GET MORE

“We’re known as a sushi bar beer but KPRi has been helping us get out of the box and helping us get into a lot of different stuff that Sapporo hasn’t been in before.” -Chris LaRue, District Manager of Sapporo Beer. GET MORE.

“I use radio because it’s the only medium I know that can tell our whole story, and tells it in a way that enthuses the listener.” -Dale Carson, President of Sleep Train Inc. GET MORE.